THETA Blockchain and Staking

There is lots of hype about the bull run for crypto, the fall of bitcoin and the speculation across. There is a coin which has gained attention of people not from trading perspective but also from tech community and has been able to collaborate with giants like google and Samsung. Yes, I am talking about THETA.

What’s Theta?

Theta is a decentralized video delivery platform which has end-to-end infrastructure with technomics addressed with its governance token Theta and Theta Fuel (Popularly called TFUEL).

What’s this hype around mainnet 3.0 launch?

Theta has gained a lot of hype over its mainnet 3.0 which is nearing launch date (30th June) rightly so if you consider the economics, TFUEL and Theta token grew multi fold during mainnet 2.0 launch and this time the TFANS are expecting the same.

What’s node and what’s edge node?

Nodes are participants system into a decentralized network, node have the data replicated across which is why you can’t destroy data on blockchain.

Theta has three different types of nodes:

1. Validator Node

Validator nodes propose or produce new block on Theta blockchain.

2. Guardian Node

Guardian nodes stamp blocks produced by Validators and act as check on validator node with malicious intent or non-functional node.

3. Edge Node

Edge node is the latest and it’s very important for the population who wants to participate in this revolutionary technology which is at very nascent age of adaption or the people who have bought TFUEL and want to stake it and earn money.

In this article I don’t want to deep dive in technical aspects rather I would talk about how to setup edge node, how to buy TFUEL Or THETA Token. Can you earn by staking these tokens?

What’s Edge Node?

Edge node allows anybody to join the theta network and relay video streams over the theta infrastructure and earn TFUEL that means your pc mac/windows can help you earn TFUELS by allowing your pc to become a node for, This is not an advice or buy/sell recommendation. It just an attempt to help you understand the cycle.

How to we setup Edge Node?

To start using the Theta Edge Node, download the app for Windows or MacOS.

Installing Edge Node

In above steps I installed “Theta+Edge+Node+Setup+2.3.94.exe’ for windows, I have just double kicked

Once you launch the app, you’ll see the Edge Node dashboard

You can click on watch and it will show you all the available streams, You are also rewarded to watch the content on

You want to broadcast; you click on broadcast and you can start broadcasting 😊. Cool isn’t it. In case you want me to do a blog on how to broadcast, please ask in the comment section and I will be happy to do it.

To start earning by relaying the watched content we need to cache it to for relay, go to “Cache Compute” in left hand side and make sure Edge Cache and Edge Compute is enabled.

With Theta Mainnet3.0 launch (30th June) there is an additional earning you can do by staking Theta/TFUEL if you 1000/10000 of it.

If you just want to relay other users’ video streams and earn TFUEL, then you’re all set! The “Cache / Compute” section shows your current relaying Status and your Pending Earnings.

In my next blog I will talk about following sequentially, in case you want me to help you understand any other topic and save you time, please comment and shall be able to happily do it for you.

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2. What is staking & Burning? How to STAKE TFUEL and what’s the benefit?

3. THETA Blockchain and Its application?

4. Theta Blockchain Deep Dive

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