Identity and Access Management obligation or need

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

There was time when Identity access management and infosec spending was considered and obligation where you would be spending several million dollars on licensing and managing the product for something which your Active Directory team of 5 could do in several less resource and more efficiently.

No More just Obligation ?

Gone are days when you paid fixed price for nothing, Here you can opt for the packages and track it to the extent that you only pay for the services for the amount of time you have used it.

It helps you avoid paying for anything you have not used and only using what is useful and pay for it. Write us in case you are paying for something you don't get the ROI you need or Stuck with old age IDM solutions sucking resource and throttling your growth. Just not that it might not be able protect of competitively against mushrooming regulatory compliances across the world and putting your business at risk.

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Why you need it?

In today's environment where its hard to distinguish between office, home, client, employee, customer or a malicious actor. The resources needs to be available on internet securely at right time, every place and to right people. Right IAM choice helps you to achieve that so that your employees have access to everything what they need 24*7 and your customers are able to get what they need 24*7.

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