Choose Right CIAM Solution

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

What's CIAM ?

Customer identity and access management (CIAM) enables you to securely capture and manage customer identity and profile data, as well as control customer access to applications and services. Further identity profile data enables you to improve customer experience and right place and time to show cause your products.

Strong customer identity solutions should provide following features

  • Customer registration

  • Self-service account management

  • Consent and preference management

  • Single sign-on (SSO)

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

  • Access management

  • Directory services and data access governance

The CIAM solutions should be secure, Scalable, Enhance customer experience and should be able to provide seamless navigation from mobile/web or any device type seamlessly.

Following are the features you should look for in addition to core services:

1. Protect Customer Data (Protecting customer data should be top priority)

2. Acquire and Retain Customers (Should help you acquire and keep customers)

3. Registration,Authentication (Should be able register and authenticate)

4. Self-Service (Customer self service interface)

5. Personalization (Customer preference)

6. Privacy (GDPR,CCPA) (Should cater global regulations )

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