Identity and Access Management

Installation, Configuration & Deployment

Right Configuration  and deployment of the IAM setup is backbone of your iam solutions, Number of required instances, distribution of load and services and tuning of the systems to provide highest stability and consistency as per  need of the hour. Ensuring high availability and with top most efficiency.  Right  DR prepares you for adverse situation. Right start is indeed the Key. 

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Upgrade and Migration

Upgrade and Migrations are extremely important for your business to remain ahead and serve best to your customer. Keeping in mind the sensitive  business information  and crucial for your business its extremely important to have hiccup free migration and upgrade . We carry bag the bag from our previous deployments which helps us to do best for you.

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Training & Support

It is easier to handle things once you have right knowledge of the product and system. Our team provides necessary training and support to keep your business smooth and secure. It also enhances your skill to be employee efficient. Right support is extremely important for your business to keep extremely competitive.

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We help you with assessment such that you choose the solution which has lowest TTM fastest MVP targeting  ROI and security for business. Our assessment starts with understanding your requirement, your existing environment your business, your employee and customer needs.


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It is extremely important that customer Identity and Access management solution is smooth, seamless and protects your customer data adhering to international Regulatory business requirements. In parallel it also helps you be on top of your business by providing customized experience to each of your customer and gets you great insight in behavior and transactions.

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Privileged management is critical for providing security to system holding important data, proprietary business information, keys to business sensitive process and systems, it becomes extremely important you have check and who could access to what and have track of who access what. Not having right PAM solution poses several threats.

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EAIM solution helps managing B2B identities, RBAC, Availability, Integrity. Employees, business partners, vendors and customers have different type of relationship hence EIAM assists planning according to your business needs, it enables you to automate focusing on Regulatory and Access related requirements. It should make sure right access is delivered at right time.


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Governance helps you to keep in compliance and securing data from various insider and outsider threats. Business going global, governance helps you be compliant to regulations like Data Localization, HIPPA, PCI DSS, SOX and GDPR using modern technologies like open banking with reduced risk.

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We expertise in Identity and access management and our diverse experience makes us one of the best partner you would need to enable you IAM.


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